Mr. Fulfill Secures Byaheros Express Partnership

Mr. Fulfill Secures Byaheros Express Partnership

A first in the Philippines, a system that will revolutionize the lives and practices of the E-Com players and Online Sellers in the country will soon be enjoying a much easier way of fulfilling their products through a very innovative platform “Mr. Fulfill”.

An app that allows online sellers to automate their order fulfillment processes. “Mr. Fulfill” allows online sellers to connect their stores from Shopify, WooCommerce, Lazada, Shopee, and Facebook shop to Mr. Fulfill to automate all their legwork processes of Packing, Sorting, Storage, and last-mile delivery.

The partnership between Byaheros Express and Mr. Fulfill will pave the way for all the E-Com players and Online Sellers to eliminate their need to hire manpower to do the packing, sorting, storage, and looking for courier companies to deliver their products. Therefore; sellers will have 100% of their time focusing on building their online business. Through Mr. Fulfill & Byaheros Express’ strategically located warehouses around the country, the usual lead time of online sellers to pack, sort & deliver their products which takes 3-4 days in nearby areas will now be reduced to 1-2 days, hence: resulting to a more satisfied buyer experience for online store owners and speedy order processing.

“The process really is very easy”, said Odera Joseph, Founder of Mr. Fulfill, If a seller has a tangible product, we can pick it up from their houses or from their factories or suppliers and store it in our partner warehouses nearest to their location, thereby; freeing up a lot of space from their homes. When a customer orders their products from their stores in Shopify, WooCommerce, Lazada, Shopee or Facebook Marketplace/Shop, all they need to do is to accept the order, and automatically, our system will notify us of the order, therefore; our team will then proceed to pack, sort, and deliver the product immediately. We are excited about this partnership especially now that online sellers can guarantee to their buyers an actual NEXT DAY delivery promise with your help (Byaheros). Also, our storage is totally 100% free for fast-moving products and to help online sellers – now that is the first in the country, not only that they do no longer need to hire manpower to do the packing and sorting, we also ensure that our fulfillment fee is one of the most affordable in the country for the service it will be offering.”


Mr. Fulfill was created to reduce the workload for online sellers and entrepreneurs from order processing, order sorting, encoding, shipping, returns, and remittances. Mr. Fulfill will automate the whole process for them. Thus, letting online sellers focus more on generating more sales and grow their businesses. Using Mr fulfill, sellers will no longer have to worry about encoding their orders, packing orders, quality checking, logistics, and remittances.

Mr fulfill will also provide warehousing via its partners as well as product sourcing and importation services from China and other countries for sellers who love to import their goods from abroad. We created this platform to solve problems.

We handle every part of logistics. Our network of local couriers with reliable shipping partners provides speedy and cost-effective delivery. We rank as one of the fastest fulfillment services, let us offer you our rates. We care about your business and we want to offer you the best and YET AFFORDABLE service.

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